For far too long the game hosting industry has been at a stand-still, no company has been willing to make the investment in their technology and from a business prospective you can see why, "if no-one else is innovating then why should we?" is the mentality of companies such as MCProhosting.

This is changing though - BattleCrate is entering the Minecraft, CS:GO and Factorio hosting markets, and we have no intention of standing still.

Are you really using your server all the time?

It's sounds crazy doesn't it - but think about it, you're not going to be playing on your server all the time; so why are you paying for it? Well, previously you had no choice, other game hosting companies simply don't have the technical ability to offer pay-as-you-go the same way we do. Hourly billing has been built into our platform from the ground up - the other companies simply can't compete with our pricing.

Developers, developers, developers.

Server hosting for communities such as Hypixel and CubeCraft is big business, however both companies have previously built their own complex cloud infrastructure for running their game servers - but why? Simply put, there wasn't a product that would work for them in the market - until BattleCrate.

If you're looking into starting a new Minecraft community server you want to be building features that your users can enjoy, not managing cloud infrastructure, and with the ability to deploy your game servers through our Public API you can offload all that work onto our cloud.

Sharing is caring.

The very principal of running a game server for a game such as Minecraft shows that multiple people want to play together, but why should only one person be able to manage the server? This is a restriction our team found very annoying when we were trying out other products in the market - the ability to share your server with other accounts simply doesn't exist - apart from with BattleCrate! Share with as many other BattleCrate users as you like!

It's easy to see why BattleCrate is becoming the choice for gamers around the world - this market has been crying out for innovation and new features for nearly a decade and BattleCrate is the sole hosting provider offering features you could only dream of.

Happy gaming!

Team BattleCrate